Who’s who and what they do in the home construction design team


Who’s who and what do they do in the home construction design team, both architects and engineers, why do some people hire architects? Why do some people hire engineers?

Some people have to hire both. Or some even hire an interior designer Home design architect Engineers also design the house. So how do they play different roles? Many people may have heard more or less of these obscure issues. Let’s see what each profession does in the house.

Design and construction of houses or other types of buildings It is a collaboration of many professions. How much or how much will you need? It depends on the size. And details of the homeowner’s needs as the main Because each homeowner has different expectations for his or her home.

There are two main professions involved in home construction design, architects and engineers, but in these two professions there are sub-branches depending on their scope of expertise. And the fields of study that have been studied Work in different parts Which makes up the dream home of homeowners according to different job descriptions

1. Architect (architect) is the person who designs the house in terms of beauty. To have space And useful use according to the needs of the homeowner Think about the weather Environment of that home By coordinating with other professions Related to home construction The architect’s work includes Construction permission And liaise with relevant government agencies Giving advice to homeowners in steps Of building a house Inspection of construction work according to the design The scope of work (scope of work) will vary according to the agreement with the homeowner.

2. Interior designer, sometimes called interior architect, interior designer or decorator is responsible for designing the interior work of the house, such as choosing built-in furniture, kitchen set, lamps, sanitary ware, giving advice on various decoration items. The interior decoration work is as important as the house design work. Because interior work is the closest thing to the home owner and is a high-value job. Therefore, they are often hired in the house building with a high budget only.

3. Landscape architect (Landscape architect) is a designer who has expertise in landscaping. And have knowledge of trees For homes with large external areas Who want quality gardening work around the house There should be a service of landscape architect who studies landscape architecture directly. Which will do this job better than the general architect But, as with any small home interior design work, landscape architects may not be employed.

4. Structural engineer is an engineer who designs strong structures. And real construction As designed by the architect For example If the architect designed a house pillar size 20 x 20 cm, the structural engineer would design the reinforcement within the column to be strong enough. Or if doing calculations, then need to use a larger pole Must coordinate with the architect to change the size of the pillar Which will affect the size of different areas Inside the house Structural engineering is a sub-branch of civil engineer, where civil engineering extends to engineers who supervise the construction of buildings. Control other types of constructions such as bridges, roads, dams. Sometimes structural engineers are referred to as civil engineers.



5. Electrical engineer (electrical engineer) is responsible for designing electrical systems, including power in the house, lighting and emergency electrical systems, telephones, telephone systems, closed circuit television Automatic control system Solar power generation system According to the needs of the house designed



6. A mechanical engineer is responsible for designing air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, fire extinguishing systems, elevators, escalators. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and organizing various mechanical systems in the house to be compatible with the equipment. Or even consult the landlord to select these devices from different vendors.

7. Sanitation Engineer Or environmental engineer (environmental engineer) is responsible for designing the water supply system. Sewage and waste drainage systems, rainwater drainage Watering systems, fire extinguishing systems and systems related to the environment. รับออกแบบบ้าน

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