The Best Films Of 2013



NOW YOU SEE ME Movies about wizardry frequently flop on the way that film itself is enchantment. And can offset the effect of their stunts. Yet, the awesome dreams here and the astute expansion of some hapless, defenseless FBI and Interpol specialists to attempt to comprehend the stunts make for a merry trick. The trudging coppers can’t contrast and the performers’ prestidigitation – from the outset, in any event – and Eisenberg, Fisher, Harrelson and Franco have a great time with their skillful deception, especially in a propelled pursue scene that completely uses the cops and otherworldly burglars vanity. 


รีวิว Prisoners คู่เดือดเชือดปมดิบ | ทริลเลอร์เอาอยู่ • PatSonic

As much a perseverance test as a survey insight, Villeneuve’s development to the red hot Incendies tosses the watcher into a parent’s damnation – consider the possibility that your kid was kidnap. – and afterward fixes the screws: imagine a scenario in which you distinguished the individual mindful. Where might you stop? The ethical predicament is convincing, however this is conveyed by the submitted exhibitions of Jackman’s undeniably urgent dad, Jake Gyllenhaal’s expertly angry cop and Paul Dano very punchable suspect. The tone’s just about as frigid as the interminably blanketed climate of its setting, yet this one will stay nearby in the rear of your psyche long in the wake of spring.


สยองกว่าหนังที่ฉาย ก็คือศพคนดู The Conjuring 2 หายไปอย่างลึกลับนี่ล่ะ

A beast film industry hit, The Conjuring appeared suddenly to frighten $316m out of moviegoers all throughout the planet. It rolled the genuine life Amityville murders. For the wellbeing of pity, never move some place. That has ‘Friendship’ in the name into a scarefest that blew frigid breath down our necks and went “BOO!” all simultaneously. The rich period detail, dreadful doll introduction and Lili Taylor going all Linda Blair. Were features, however James ‘Saw’ Wan offer an Edgar Allen Poe-y feeling of the grotesque. And the story shook along at a whip. Obviously, there’s a continuation coming. The impossible sounding The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (what next? The Tottenham Hale Terrors?). Is additionally found on a gen story and will be with us in the following little while. ดูหนัง hd

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