How is an architect different from an engineer? Why does an architect


How is an architect different from an engineer? Why does an architect to design a house The confusion between the construction profession for outsiders always arises. In the environment of our home Where talking about a profession in media such as movies or dramas They often do not have much knowledge and understanding in various professional fields, and very few news and documentaries about professions or figures in construction. Until it makes little knowledge about the two professions in the public

It is no surprise that I, an architect, have been asked how much steel bars should be put in the beams. And I have heard that people will find engineers to design their homes for themselves.

Indeed, if explained in a concise and simple manner, architects are responsible for designing the appearance and functionality of the buildings, while the engineer (related to construction) is responsible for designing and calculating the building structure. Including electrical systems, drainage systems, etc., which are quite a bit involved in calculating numbers.

But the part that confuses people outside the industry is the feeling that … Oh, when the house has only columns, beams, pipes, water, and wires as this happens as a building as a house. Only an engineer can use his knowledge and ability to calculate bricks, limestone, sand, iron. Designed to be a home here …

In fact, this understanding is both yes and no. Because, in fact, anyone is familiar with dwelling and can think of designing their own imaginary dwelling. So it looks like As long as you have experience in calculating the columns, beams, floors, it will not collapse, the rest, anyone should be able to design their own house. This is especially true for people who have experience with home and construction. Which if the requirements are not complicated The house you want is similar to the general house. (Often a small house), I must say that May not be necessary to use an architect or we are enough to be an amateur architect. In this case, even the law has stipulations that seem to agree. General residential buildings that are not larger than 150 square meters or agricultural buildings with an area of ​​no more than 400 square meters do not require an architect to sign the design and supervise the work in applying for a construction permit.

But the problem is not over. Because many people think Even if it is a house larger than 150 square meters, it doesn’t have to be an architect anyway. Just a kosher engineer It should be able to design … Especially if we don’t care about the appearance of the building (Because it is clear to yourself what kind of house we like) and think that the function of the house just wants to be like a general house, and what are the benefits of an architect?

Must explain that because each piece of land Each environment They are different in terms of direction and usage in relation to the environment. Like a dream house Or the type of house that we went to There is a bedroom on the left side of the house. But if our land faces the land to the south It will become a bedroom, we are full of west, so “maybe” should not use this house type with this big land, etc.

Including building law matters Taking into account the overall budget In which architects can come in to give advice and help design this part. And another important thing is Architects will be able to communicate to us about the home that will be completed to the whole family in advance by presenting them in different formats, including perspective making, drawing, modeling, explaining the advantages, disadvantages and options. Everyone who participates in the house to understand together. No need to frustrate and frustrate when the construction has been made. (In other words, it is an opportunity to frustrate each other before investing in the actual construction), which for those who have had experience in building a house would know better. All of the above factors Is an important part of the investment when building a house.

Not all of them mean that engineers cannot design a good house. Because with personal care and attention It may be good as well. However, the profession of architect is a profession that has been studied directly and therefore has more knowledge, abilities and responsibilities for home design. (And it is a legal obligation of a particular profession as well In which other people who have not passed the formal education cannot come to sign, design or supervise the work on their behalf) Importantly, the architect will be able to talk, coordinate and help use the skills of engineers and contractors. To make the design of the house designed to be fulfilled Where each party will be able to use their professional abilities สถาปนิก

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