5 Steps to Professional Service of Architects Complete construction

5 Steps
5 Steps

5 Steps to Professional Service of Architects Complete construction company Today we take part in the service process.

Initial sketch design

The architect will bring the concept to the design. And floor plans in use That have been approved to speak with customers To develop into a simple sketch In order to make an imaginary guest Or just imagine how all the designs would turn out The architect will present a Sketch, Perspective or Model as appropriate for each work.

Design Development

Is the development of the draft Into the detailed design stage After finishing the concept design presentation period, we will get a draft of the production section, usually consisting of a La-out plan and a floor plan. Various including the range and materials of the house And preliminary system work, Section cut-off of the house to show the vertical distance of the house, Elevation side figure showing the shape of the building. Both distance and material Including the lighting and shadows of the building Perspective is a 3D image used in various perspectives.

Construction drawings

After concluding the draft together The designer will take the details of the design during the Design Develop to make it a construction permit request. With the content of the form requesting a construction permit Make a note to inform the government agencies understand that This house has a strong and safe structure. Taking into account the neighborhood safety and the safety of the users themselves. Including not disturbing Or deprive the rights of others And public benefit

Bidding and Negotiation

Is the process of making a design for construction bidding Or clarify the construction price This is very important! Because it is useful for homeowners to assess the overall working picture of the construction company. With relevant documents:

TOR (Term of reference) A term and an agreement for the contractor to impart scope of work. Working time Procedures and contracts

Construction drawings with assembly list All construction drawings That is included in the construction of a building contract. “The accompanying list means the specified text and description. To control the quality of materials

BOQ estimates the price from the designer. It is a bill of materials and expenses. Which was issued by the house designer or contractor It shows details of the category of work that must be done in the construction project and what materials will be used. How much quantity? How much price? And how much is the labor for handling that material?

Construction management

During construction, we clearly defined in TOR from the beginning that the process What must be the construction? Whether it is a matter of Construction safety standards Work plan, installment disbursement and bank guarantee, the contractor must strictly follow the agreement. The important thing that the contractor must do is Various construction reports Have an agenda Minutes of the meeting Material approval document All of this must be made into a daily report – weekly report – monthly report, during which the architect will examine the meeting and coordinate according to the complexity of the work. To make the construction work according to the drawings


All of the above mentioned are only part of Q-Con Home’s service. We are a construction company that has been trusted by our customers. And has operated the business for the 10th anniversary by creating works of design and construction in the Phetchaburi area, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan And the southern zone more than 50 units based on the highest satisfaction to our customers. We define our work as a house. “CUSTOM DESIGN” is a house that is specially designed to meet the needs of each customer. สถาปนิก

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